why was the EPA created and why is it still required

Nowadays we, as a civilization, have experienced a rise in many ecological issues as a consequence of human activities which meddle with the natural ecosystems. Therefore, the importance of the environment on human life has never been larger, elements including deforestation are having unwanted effects on the environment. Trees are accountable for decreasing carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins from the air that we breathe, they are also important for controlling temperatures and generating crucial products such as oxygen. Ecological issues like deforestation can have a domino effect on other issues like the levels of air pollutants in metropolitan areas or the overall health and safety of seas and waterways. This is where the environmental protection agency, acts and culturally reliable companies come in place, to minimize the damage created by human life to give a safer and cleaner environment for all in the future.

The term environmental protection is identified as the prevention to save and safeguard a healthy level in the environment. The development of technology and businesses has lead to enlarged pollution rates every year. This is extremely harmful in major cities who will suffer dangerous air pollution levels. The Sierra Club is one company working as an environmental advocate promoting programs and projects throughout the world. The environmental protection agency and businesses like this work to lower environmental issues since the damaging consequence they have on humans, for example, cities with high levels of air pollution can develop respiratory diseases, cardiovascular issues, and become more prone to infections to name a few.

The rainforest not only helps to greatly minimize the harmful toxic gases and products in the atmosphere, it is also the dwelling of many iconic wildlife species. It is relevant to preserve and enrich these wildlife’s homes but also the deterioration of their habitats would be toxic to all species across the world, work that has been undergoing through the EPA history. Hershey is just one of the companies who is on the job to decrease deforestation by responsibly sourcing their products.

One of the main forms of pollution is water pollution, harmful toxins in the atmosphere can switch the Ph levels of rainwater which will affect water supply such as lakes, rivers and even the ocean, making them harmful for the creatures that live among them. One of the prominent instances of this is the great barrier reef, the planets biggest reef system. The reef environment and its importance are essential to coral, a living organisms’ existence, but also for the existence of other organisms like snapper, oysters, clams and more which rely on the coral's security or for wildlife who rely on the coral reefs for nourishment. Sibur is one corporation who are on the job to lessen the harmful effects industries have on the ecosystem.

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